Creating impact is an important issue in our POEM research. Impact has many forms and faces, beyond performance metrics it is hard to quantify, however often the non-metrical effects are the most relevant ones. Here we provide examples of POEM impact.

Tools and Services

Becoming practical and organizing change towards participatory memory practices is easy and complicated at the same time. It needs a modification of mind sets and a long breath – like all change processes. In this section we collect and provide tools and services for getting started with participatory memory practices in digital media ecologies. It provides information for mundane, practical problems in the eclectic mode of emerging questions, without aiming for completeness or systematization. 

ICO’s workshop “Access to Tools”

The workshop „Access to Tools“ by Daniel Schäfer builds around the idea to give you as a participant a mindset on how to access the variety of tools available to us in the information age. By getting an understanding of the underlying structures in technology and the basic ideas behind user-centered system design, the workshop participants will be empowered to make their own mindful decision when it comes to the selection and usage of modern information technology. The video introduces to the ideas central to the workshop.

Strategic questions for a workshop on “Participation in Public Memory institutions

The Questions developed by Prof Dr Elisabeth Tietmeyer the Director of the Museum Europäischer Kulturen aim to assist the change process of public memory institutions – galleries, libraries, archives and especially museums – towards an institutional approach of socially inclusive and future oriented public memory work.

View and download the list of strategic questions for a workshop on “Participation in Public Memory institutions”.

Action Research

Research is situated in societies and communities, where it creates impact in some form. Potential impact of research is a main, actively integrated and reflected element of action research. The knowledge production is thus based on participatory, experimental and interventional research approaches. Here we share approaches and information on action research in POEM.

The Future Memory Collection

The Future Memory Collection invites young Greenlandic people living in Denmark and Greenland to collaboratively explore and experiment with perceptions of history, memory, contemporary culture and future imaginations. The project playfully explores one leading question: What do you want to be remembered by? Participants are asked to think about key artefacts from their everyday life that they believe are worth preserving for future generations. The website functions as the digital archive and virtual exhibition space of the contributed objects and their stories and makes the collection available to a broader public.

The Future Memory Collection is part of Anne Chahine’s PhD dissertation Future memory making: Co-creating (post-)colonial imaginations with Greenlandic youth in Greenland and Denmark. Check out the ongoing project for an innovative blend of visual anthropology, postcolonial theory and participatory practices:


Opening Conference POEM (Horizon 2020)
Participatory Memory Practices

Connectivities, Empowerment,
and Recognition of Cultural Heritages
in Mediatized Memory Ecologies

View the presentations, the keynotes, and the programme.

Virtual Lecture Series

Towards an open dialogue on participatory memory making​

The Virtual Lecture Series shares POEM’s knowledge network and scientific results with interested stakeholders for transdisciplinary network building. POEM’s Virtual Lecture Series aims to open a dialogue on participatory approaches in memory making.

View and discuss the public guest lectures and keynotes by our scientific and non-academic experts at the POEM Knowledge Hubs and conferences, made available as open access video talks in our Virtual Lecture Series.


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